The No1 Junior Golf Academy was founded in 2005.  The vision to introduce golf into local schools was born out of a passion for the development of children, both in sports and key life skills. Thirteen years on and there are classes running in over 25 schools across Surrey & Hampshire, as well as regular holiday camps at carefully selected child friendly venues.


What We Do…

The No1 Junior Golf Academy is working hard to encourage boys and girls to learn a fantastic sport that anyone can take part in and which is therefore truly inclusive. Golf is a sport that teaches key life skills as well as physical development and this program allows each child to progress at their own speed whilst learning to work as a team.

As well as increasing their level of exercise, we teach the children to be honest and trustworthy, to be a good winner or loser and how to look after their equipment, skills which will not only serve them well on the course but also off the golf course in their everyday lives.  We help them to set short and long term goals for their individual progression, as well as how to be a good role model for the younger or less experienced children in their group.


How We Work…

Our PGA Professional Coaches have produced extremely encouraging results. The children really apply themselves not only to the four key physical aspects of the game, putting, short game, mid game and long game, but also to learning the rules and the etiquette. We work very closely with the schools to be able to run the lessons both indoors and outdoors so that the children's progress is not affected by weather conditions.  We provide all the clubs and equipment required, however children with their own clubs are welcome to use them.


Monitoring their Progress…

When children join the academy they receive a No1 JGA sticker booklet to work through.  This has been created to ensure the children have goals, challenges and targets to work towards and can see tangible evidence of their progress. The children will progress onto the next level sticker booklet as they pass skill challenges and retain the information they have learnt, showing they understand it and can put it into practice. We found with these booklets that the children were able to progress to a high standard, at their own pace and that they all find it both rewarding and great fun. 

We are available to hold before school, lunchtime and after school sessions and are also available to teach during PE periods if required.

I would love the opportunity to discuss with you in more detail how the No1 JGA could work for your school and offer your students an introduction to the game of golf.